Go OutsideOGIO Rivet Messenger Bag Review

OGIO Rivet Messenger Bag Review

When it comes to commuting, less is usually more.

The whole art of the commute is to get from where you are to where you need to be effectively and efficiently, with as little hassle as possible. This typically means you need all your work/work out/school/party stuff safely tucked away in a bag that is light and mobile, but also burly enough to protect your gear on the go. Maybe you also want it to be stylish. Maybe you also want it to be socially acceptable in every situation, from the office to the bar. Maybe you also want it to make chai tea and whip up vegan apps while you ride your fixie no handed and check your email in rush hour traffic. Some things we can have, others we can’t…..yet.

OGIO is trying hard to get there with the Rivet messenger bag. OGIO is an interesting company. They make slick looking, functional travel bags and luggage, but they also make golf bags, heavy duty motocross accessories, and ATV racks. Basically, if you have a storage issue, OGIO has a product to fix it. The Rivet is aimed at the most technologically advanced commuter. It has pockets specifically designed for (17-inch) laptops, phones, tablets, and power cords. The phone slot is protected with “crushproof” plastic and all are lined with plush, bright red fleece so that when you unzip them it has the effect of a medical extraction.

OGIO calls this Red Protection, meaning if the pocket is red in color, you know there is some sort of protection for your valuables, i.e. crushproof, soft lining, etc. This is cool, but the real reason you know your gear will be protected is the overall look of the bag. The straps are made out of the same rugged material as seat belts and the bag itself is coated 12 oz. canvas. Plus, the bag is large; not only in its 1350 cubic inch storage capacity, but also in its profile. Much like the SUV, this has a calming effect even if it doesn’t actually do anything to help prevent your laptop from getting smashed under a semi-truck. The computer sleeve pocket is built into the back panel, and super padded, so barring a semi-truck attack it should be fine in most reasonable situations. I like this design because it isolates the computer, preventing it from getting dinged up by the riff-raff of legal pads, pens, or….what do you call those things?…oh, yeah, books.

The Rivet also has a “Pullman luggage handle port” so you can throw it on your carryon when you need to sprint through the Atlanta airport because, let’s face it, you will have to do that. The jet black motif adds a touch of class to the whole deal, making this a jack of all trades when it comes to the messenger bag.

The video below puts it all in perspective.

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