Red Bull ThingamaJIB

redbull ThingamaJIB

Let’s face it; you probably have not had as many turns as you wanted this year. Maybe more than last year, but not enough in general, and now a standard January warm up has left you feeling like spring is on the horizon. Well, it’s not so avoid breaking out the Hawaiian shirts or zipping off the bottom of your convertible hiking pants. A positive attitude goes a long way for morale, and even has the possibility of changing the outcome on global level. That may be a stretch, but winter will be making a brief comeback this weekend with the temperature dropping dramatically and the possibility of snow in the forecast for Thursday (today?) and Friday (tomorrow?). At the very least, ski resorts will have the snow guns blaring through the night, and the white ribbons will be in full effect. As we move into the first weekend of February, now is the time to recommit to the ski season – if you have not already been shredding in the rain, ice, sleet, or in a tee shirt. Ironically, Saturday is also Groundhog Day, which means if Punxsutawney Phil pokes his head out to warm sunshine, we’ll be looking at six more weeks of winter. So pray for…not snow?

Regardless, hit up Appalachian Ski Mountain this weekend for some fun on the slopes. The mountain is fully open – including their three black diamonds and three terrain parks – and is primed for some casual shredding. If it ends up being 50 degrees, so be it. Appalachian Mountain is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and stays true to its “local ski hill” roots, so pay them back by cruising through. Also, stick around on Saturday night for the Red Bull ThingamaJIB rail jam under the lights at 6pm. Entry is free, but the prize money is real, so expect to see the full spectrum of riders testing the waters. That means an equal number of stomps to slams, the perfect ratio. Plus, it’s a Red Bull event, so you know it will be electric.

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