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Ryders Eyewear Caliber and Hillroy



If you ride, run, or really do anything active you should already know the importance of having quality eyewear. It seems every time I ride that pretty much everything on the trail is aiming for my eyes. Bugs, dirt, water, branches all seem to beeline for my eyeballs. This is why I never ride without a pair of glasses, and recently Ryders Eyewear sent me their Caliber model to try out.

Specifically I was sent the Ryders Eyewear Caliber Photochromic model. Photochromic technology means that the lenses automatically adjust to suit the amount of sunlight at any given time. I have been able to ride 6 times now with these glasses and I love them. The really nice thing about these shades is that they won’t drain your wallet, at $69.99 they are well below a pair of Oakleys but the quality in my opinion is on par with much pricier options. These glasses are light but feel very durable, and that they wouldn’t break if you happened to drop them. Comfortable nose pads and rubber on the tips keep the glasses exactly where you want them. A wide range of vision is key to riding, and the frames do not impair vision in the least.

Since it has been a bit cold here in VA, I have worn the glasses with and without earwarmers. I was very pleased that even with earwarmers on the glasses stayed in place and were still comfortable, an issue with other glasses I have tried. Now to the photochromic deal. This is one of those bits of technology that you try and don’t even realize you’re using it. What I mean is that you can’t really see the lens darken or lighten but its doing its thing, and its great. I really enjoyed not having to switch lenses just because the sun came out on a foggy day, etc. It also reads the level of sunlight really well, and the lenses never felt too dark or too light based on conditions.

I have other glasses but I keep coming back to the Calibers. They are stylish, perform, and are comfortable. What more can you ask from a pair of sport glasses?



The good people at Ryders Eyewear are pretty generous and along with the Calibers they sent me the Hillroy. This 2013 model is a more casual set of shades, but include sporty touches like integrated rubber nosepads and a lightweight and flexible frame.

I was sent the brown with gold flash lenses model and they have steeze to spare. Plain and simple these glasses are cool and look great. I have been wearing them on my morning bike commute rides as well as out on the town. I can’t even count the number of compliments I have received on them. It always feels nice when a good looking girl tells you she likes your glasses, and the guys ask what model they are and where they can buy a pair.

These glasses are very comfortable, and you forget you are even wearing them. At only $39.99 for the standard lens model these are a great deal. If you are looking for your next pair of stylish casual shades make sure you give the Hillroy’s a hard look.

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