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Ski Free Day at Snowshoe Mountain


WV residents shred for free this weekend at Snowshoe.

This time of year is always the trickiest to try and plan an epic weekend activity. The weather is so fickle, so unpredictable, that just the act of organizing a trip or outing will almost assuredly be met with snow, rain, or the dreaded wintery mix – What’s up with the wintery mix? It’s just the worst. While it has been pushing 60 degrees in the mid-Atlantic at points this week, winter looks like it could make a comeback this weekend. This is good news for skiers and snowboarders looking for one last chance at some powder turns before the legitimate spring thaw settles in and the slopes turn into a sloppy, albeit fun, mess. Let’s be honest, these last few weeks of the season are all about fun: fun on the slopes, fun in the sun, fun digging out your warm weather gear, etc. Take advantage of all this excitement and head up to Snowshoe this weekend for a last gasp at real winter.

If you can only ski one day this weekend, I would suggest Sunday, March 3rd at Snowshoe. Every year, the resort shows its appreciation for all the things the community does to support it throughout the year by letting West Virginia residents ski for free. Now, we all know WV is a fairly large state, so you can imagine this event brings all kinds to the mountain. This may make for a slightly more robust crowd, but Snowshoe is fully open, so scoot over to the Western Territories is things get too claustrophobic. You may want to stay on the main side of the mountain however, as the beginners and personalities will be out in spades, which should provide the most entertaining lift rides this side of the Mississippi. No offense to West Virginians, any resort in any state would elicit the same reaction – offer free skiing and they’ll come out of the woodwork. Just keep your head on a swivel out there!

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