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Smartwool PhD HyFi Arm Warmer

Smartwool Arm Warmer

For many sports out there, be it cycling, running, cross-country skiing, etc temperature regulation can be a tricky business. You’re hot on the climbs but then once things point downhill it can get real chilly. This is why we see articles of clothing such as arm warmers, which can be easily put on and taken off.

While not a new piece of clothing, Smartwool puts some life back into the arm warmer. With their PhD HyFi arm warmer, you receive a product that is well thought out and is made of very high quality materials.

I was sent these just as the temperatures were dropping this past fall. Since I received them I put them through their paces all winter on long runs, bike rides, and hikes. After a thorough testing, I can safely say these are not your average arm warmers.

First off like all Smartwool products, these arm warmers contain wool (39%) mixed with nylon and elastane so that they stay tight and secure. They come in this very nice black color, pictured, that is classy and sleek. The material used has increased wind and abrasion resistance, which you can definitely notice. I have two other pairs of arm warmers besides the Smartwool’s and could definitely tell the difference.  I also wanted to give a big round of applause to Smartwool for getting the wrist and bicep grippers right. Many times companies only put a rubber gripper on the inside against your skin. Smartwool put them on both the inside and the outside. The extra gripper on the outside really helps your jersey stay in place as well as keeping the arm warmer in place.

I have to say I love these arm warmers and will have them until they bite the dust many years from now. They stay in place on runs, road rides, and even the most jarring of mountain bike rides. There is nothing worse, well there are many things worse, but it is annoying when your arm warmer is constantly falling down your arm. I really like having arm warmers handy on those colder rides and runs because they are light, portable, and easy to take on and off. I encourage you to give them a try and I think you will come to like them as well.

The Smartwool PhD HyFi arm warmer is $40, which is competitive with other company’s options. Keep those limbs toasty this year, and either buy a pair for yourself or for that special someone for Valentine’s Day!

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