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Soggy Bottom SUP Tour: Day 5

Mike Peery, first day on paddleboard at Lake Moomaw

“Heading to Virginia” 

Overnight Lodging – Gee Farm
We spent the night at the Gee Family farm in Trout, WV, the farm is beautiful and Bonnie & Ben Gee were great hosts. Jackson, the Gee family dog even liked Rasta and Bahama. It was peaceful and relaxing on the farm. In a couple weeks the Poor Farm Music Festival is being held a few miles from the Gee Farm, this is a up start music festival with a good line up, as I headed out from the Gee farm I drove past the farm were the event is being held, they were putting the finishing touches on the stage, hopefully I will be able to get back to the festival and back to the Gee farm.

Jeff had to return to his real job as a realtor with Country Road Realty in Lewisburg (if you need any real estate  in the Greenbrier Valley or Snowshoe area) give Jeff a call , so today it is just Rasta and Bahama on the tour.

First stop – Greenbrier River/ Caldwell, WV
After a brief visit to downtown Lewisburg, I stopped by Wild River Coffee and talked with Melvin about paddleboarding in the area, Melvin is a rep for a couple paddleboard companies and enjoys paddleboarding, and he is opening a new bike/paddleboard shop in Lewisburg soon. We headed out Route 60 towards Caldwell to the Greenbrier River, just a couple miles from Lewisburg, there is a small section of the Greenbrier River that pools up and with the right water you can get a short paddle in, today the water was right, about 70 degrees and only moving at about 2mph. The water was fairly clear, the launch is right off of Route 60 before the bridge, it is a nice launch with plenty of parking. We headed out for out next stop, The Greenbrier Resort, no they do not have a paddleboard lake, but they have something almost as good “Iced Peach Tea with simple syrup.” As were arrived at the entrance gate you can only imagine the look from the gate attendant when a jeep with two paddleboards arrived to The Greenbrier, he said we have lot of things to do at the Greenbrier but surfing is not one of the activities we offer, yet, I explained that the boards were paddleboards and that I was heading to Lake Moomaw and that I just need to stop in for my iced peach tea fix, we talked about paddleboarding and I heading to the parking lot. I stopped in for a quick visit to the kitchen store for peach tea bags for home, and then to the lower level to Drapers Café get what I really had stopped in for, two iced peach teas with simple syrup and a couple slices of orange. This iced tea is the best…well worth the quick diversion from our next stop Sherwood Lake.

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