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Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug

stanley classic one hang mug

We all know it’s the season for warm drinks and campfires. While we have experienced a few days of high 50’s, the trend in weather has called for winter coats and beanies. While clothes can obviously do a lot to keep a body warm, there is nothing quite comparable to drinking a hot beverage to warm you up.

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when on my doorstep was a box from Stanley. Eager to see what this goody could be, I quickly found myself in possession of the Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug.

Stanley products are easily recognizable by their classy vintage-esque hammertone green exterior color. Chances are you saw your father, your grandfather, hell even your great grandfather toting around a Stanley thermos at some point. I know my earliest memories of fishing with my grandfather, Pom-Pom, include his green Stanley Thermos filled with hot chocolate for us. Yep he was a great man who knew the way to an 11-year-old kid’s heart. But I digress, back to the topic at hand here.

While yes the green exterior of the Stanley mug is vintage, the technology is anything but. This mug is a rock star for a variety of reasons. First it’s bombproof, which is why you probably have the Stanley Thermos your father used. These things can take a beating and keep going. The stainless steel will not rust, it’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and fully leak proof. Also, as mentioned in the name, it has a one hand open and close button, which is quite nifty. I was a bit concerned about the push button top thinking it would be a maze of small parts that I would never be able to properly clean. These worries were erased the first time I went to wash the mug. The top comes apart in 4 pieces that are all dishwasher safe so cleaning is a non-issue. Also, taking it apart doesn’t require an engineering degree so no worries there.

I tested this thermos on long car rides, trail workdays, and campfire hangouts. This is where the thermos belongs. It keeps liquids warm well into the six-hour mark, and just seems to fit into these settings. The one handed open/close button is very convenient for when your other paw is occupied with roasting a marshmallow, holding a shovel at trail work, or driving. I also tested how well the mug keeps a liquid cold, and I can honestly say my beer after a certain recent ultra-run was quite cold the whole time. Plus it disguises the liquid very nicely, so this could be your next spirit vessel.

The Stanley mug can hold 16oz of liquid so plenty of coffee/tea/hot chocolate for anyone. If you’re looking for your next travel mug look no further than the Stanley. Well made, affordable at $30, classic green hammertone color, and your child will appreciate it when you pass it down to them years from now.

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