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The Gerber Dime

gerber dime

As you can see this little guy packs a punch and is quite compact.

Take a moment and think about one object you carry with you every day.

Most likely you answered with the obvious like keys, wallet, and cell phone. In nowadays society, if you step out the door without all three of these you feel like you forgot to put pants on. You carry them everywhere, which is exactly why you need the Gerber Dime keychain tool.

The Dime is Gerber’s newest take on the ever-popular keychain multi-tool, except this time around Gerber is firing on all cylinders. The Dime packs 10 tools into a lightweight 2.2 oz package that only measures 2.75” when closed. No wonder they called it the Dime, it offers the kitchen sink and then some but won’t be dragging your pants down.

The 10 choice tools you will find are wire cutters, retail package opener, medium flathead driver, bottle opener, file, pliers, fine edge blade, scissors, crosshead driver, and tweezers. There was a lot of thought put into this little guy on both form and function. While the tool is attractive and sleek, they had the foresight to spring-load the scissors and put the most used and important tool on the outside, the bottle opener.

I put the Dime on my set of keys, and have used it on almost a daily basis. From opening boxes to opening brews it’s one of those pieces of gear that you forget just how handy it is. While it is great to have a multi-tool handy in normal conditions, you will be darn happy you’re packing the Dime if put into a survival situation. Have you ever read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, yea he wasn’t exactly planning on spending a lengthy vacation on that lake.

I spend a good bit of time out in the woods either trail running or mountain biking and I always carry my keys with me. Already the Dime saved the day on a recent mountain bike ride. We used the pliers to bend back my buddy’s rear derailleur hanger, something virtually impossible to do without pliers, and he was able to make it back to the car under his own power.

For only $22 dollars the Dime is a steal. They offer three colors, black, red, or green, all with a lifetime warranty. My only complaint with the Dime would be where you loop the tool onto your keychain. It looks a little too minimal, but my easy fix for this was looping the tool onto my keys by the bottle opener (this did not effect the ability to use bottle opener). The Dime is a refreshingly well thought out take on the keychain multi-tool, and will pay for itself multiple times over.

Bottom Line: Buy the Dime, it will save your ass more times than you could keep track of.

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