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The Long and Short of It

Who wears short shorts? Do we wear short shorts? I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to bear my legs, even in the summer time. Don’t get my wrong; I will wear shorts, but daisy dukes? No way. Save those for late night beach party.

For the rest of us, there are fun, comfortable, and even fashionable options. Let’s start with the ladies, because as we all know, she comes first; he comes next.

For the most versatile outdoor shorts, there are many places to turn. EMS is always a good place to start. They manage to combine practicality and a bit of style for a very reasonable price. Their goods will go the distance, so be prepared to wear these shorts for a long while. The Session Shorts offer a great longer length short if you’re planning to get wet. The fit is comfortable, yet lean.  You’ll have just enough room to breath in these without looking like you’re wearing your husband’s trunks.

If it’s dry land you crave, head to Lole and Title Nine. With an athletic cut, Lole offers comfortable and durable shorts with a touch of flair to keep them fashionable. If you head out for an afternoon sail in these, you can be sure they will have you looking your best while you sip a Dark and Stormy at the bar even after you’ve been sitting in water.

Title Nine offers the Beach Girl Bermuda, which provides coverage by length, and comfort to boot.  These shorts offer protection from the sun, while being light weight enough to keep you cool.  Beware, and opt for a size larger than normal.  They do run very lean in the legs.

Have some shorts of your own that fit your needs to a T on and off the golf course? Let me know about them!

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