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The Return of Big Bear?

Granny Gear has announced the Big Bear Lake Mountain Fest (June 12), which is meant to replace the 24 Hours of Big Bear for 2010. Granny Gear cancelled the popular 24 hour race for 2010 citing a lack of sponsors/bad economy. Plus, racers haven’t been showing up in the sheer numbers for all day races like they were five or ten years ago. The Big Bear Lake Mountain Fest is a completely different race format, with an abbreviated course, duo teams, micro brews, camping, and informal roundtable discussions about the future of the 24 Hours of Big Bear. This could be your opportunity to help shape the future of bike racing. If the current 24 hour race format is losing favor with sponsors and bikers, what sort of race would you like to see in the future? Granny Gear invented the 24 hour format, it’s possible they’ll invent the next mountain bike race craze as well.

Go to Granny Gear for more.

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