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Top 20 Adventure Sports Films and Videos

Video fills a pivotal role in the world of adventure sports. There are few things that get me as fired up as watching good adventure sport films or video clips before and after shredding with buddies. Here are the top 20 videos that I find myself queuing up time and again.


10. Pretty Faces (Ski)

Executed from start to finish by women, this film expresses the joy of being a skier girl and provides inspiration to the aspiring youth.

9. Grand Inga Project (Kayak)

The best videos provide historical context and heart-pounding action. This expedition to the largest whitewater in the world does both.

8. Touching the Void (Drama)

This story of devotion, tragedy, inner demons, and perseverance truly defies belief.

7. The Art of Flight (Snowboard)

This spectacular documentary was one of the first to open up the incredible capabilities of high frame rate cameras.

6. Seasons (Mountain Bike)

Digging into the personalities of downhill and freeride mountain biking, this video truly shows the soul of the sport.

5. The River Wild (Drama)

One of my childhood favorites! This high budget Hollywood production shows the allure of “the river” while also providing the audience with an interpersonal thriller.

4. Into the Wild (Drama)

Christopher McCandless plus John Krakauer plus Eddie Vedder equals a beautiful story. Not everyone fits into the machine.

3. Life Cycles (Mountain Bike)

The feature brought something fresh and unique to the adventure sports cinematography world—the most notable being the visual effect of changing seasons.

2. Riding Giants (Surf)

This fascinating history of big wave surfing is unique in its ability to draw any viewer into the stories and the power of the ocean.

1. McConkey (Ski / BASE)

Shane McConkey must be one of the most influential figures in any outdoor sport, ever. He changed the game in everything from the attitude of pro skiers, to the direction of elite competition, to the possibility of taking to the air via BASE jumping. Shane also paid the ultimate price, passing away in 2009 on a ski BASE with his best friend, JT Holmes. This film tells the story of Shane’s life, and is the single most impressive compilation of stunts that I have ever seen… and they’re all by one person.


10. Jet Ski Barrel (Surf)

Mother Nature vs. technology…we know which is more powerful.

9. McGarry Rampage (Mountain Bike)

Kelly McGarry gives a raw look into the pinnacle of mountain biking… the Red Bull Rampage. Everything from the breathing, the knife ridge riding, and the incredible gaps is gripping.

8. Church Two (Mountain Bike)

Southeast represent! Brandon Blakely and Evan Voss express their unique styles on and off the bike.

Church Two from ZfH Productions on Vimeo.

7. Kai Lenny 4 in 1 (SUP / Surf / Windsurf / Kiteboard)

Kai is the next generation waterman, and he showcases his abilities in this epic multisport session at Jaws.

6. Danny Hart Worlds (Mountain Bike)

Incredible riding skill… even better announcing!

5. Imaginate (Mountain Bike)

This Danny MacAskill video wins the creativity award hands down… we’re all kids at heart

4. Palouse Falls First D (Kayak)

This 189-foot beast is the perfect waterfall, and Tyler Bradt’s audacious first descent and world record has not been exceeded since.

3. One of Those Days 2 (Ski)

All I can say about this is that it’s mind-blowing and superhuman. I want to be this guy.

2. JP Auclair Street (Ski)

JP Auclair shows that you can have a blast and shred no matter the setting.

1. Dream (Kayak)

Ben Marr and Skip Armstrong express their joy for kayaking and the inner insecurities of all of us in this highly entertaining piece.

DREAM from NRS Films on Vimeo.

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