Go OutsideTrail Mix: On The Road With Mipso + Ticket Giveaway!

Trail Mix: On The Road With Mipso + Ticket Giveaway!

What is mipso?

The last time I chatted with the band, they were less than forthcoming on what the band’s moniker actually means. But I can tell you this. After following the group the last few years, I know that Mipso is a bad ass acoustic band with a killer live show and the ability to write amazing songs.

This North Carolina quartet will be rolling into Charlottesville for a show at The Southern Music Hall on Sunday, and I recently caught up with bassist Wood Robinson to chat about life on the road.

BRO: City you have played that you can’t wait to visit again?

WR – Santa Barbara, California. We can’t wait to go there again, but I’m feeling pretty rushed about it, given the not ungrounded fear of it bursting into flame at any second. It’s home to one of our favorite taco joints in the country, too.

BRO: One item you can’t hit the road without?

WR – I keep a knife in my front right pocket and a bottle opener in my wallet. Gotta look cool when I eat my apples, and I gotta keep people from biting open their bottles of beer.

BRO: Best way to pass time in the van?

WR – Silence. Silence is wonderful.

BRO: Band you would love to hit the road with?

WR – We’re feeling pretty excited this year to hit the road with two bands we love: I’m With Her in February and River Whyless in March. Both of these groups, in my opinion, embody the best of song craft and tasteful, sensitive musicality. It’s really something special to be sharing the stage with them.

BRO: Favorite on the road guilty pleasure snack?

WR – We’re pretty hardcore Sheetz enthusiasts. When I’m in need of high calorie/low nutrition food, I go for the the six inch pepperoni sandwich chock full of veggies and some pico with Zapp’s Voodoo chips. Rounds out to about $4.50 and really rounds out the middle.

BRO: Better to see the sun rise, or set, from behind the wheel??

WR – I tend to prefer sunrises, just because they’re a little more precious. But usually, that accompanies a general air of “what the hell are we doing awake right now,” so I guess it’s a toss up.

BRO: Last amazing thing you saw from the van window?

WR – We did a four week tour of Sweden and Norway last November. It was really special, and while we didn’t get to catch the Northern Lights, we did see hundreds of reindeer. Coming from the South, I recognize that it was about the equivalent of going slackjawed at seeing a squirrel or a deer eating your carrots, but it was still pretty neat.

Mipso and The Brother Brothers roll into the Southern Music Hall on Sunday, February 17. Trail Mix wants to send you and a friend to check out this SOLD OUT show! Roll the dice on the contest below and take a shot at a pair of tickets. A winner will be chosen from all entries received by 10 A.M. on Friday, February 15th.

Good luck!

What world famous parade did Mipso perform in – via float – in 2015?

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