Trauma Tuesday: Fireworks Fail Edition

Since last week’s video did not contain any trauma, and the annual American exercise in eat, drink, blow stuff up, repeat, aka the 4th of July Celebration is on Thursday, we’ll skip the outdoors action on today’s Trauma Tuesday. That’s not exactly true, as you can see most of the fireworks fail action in this video does occur outside, however there are no actual sports involved, unless you consider running for your life and laughing at your idiot friends a sport – which some do. Although the actions in the above video can be equal parts hilarious and traumatizing, let this also be a friendly BRO reminder that fireworks – or anything that explodes really, whether it be recreational or professional in use – are not a toy, and should be used with care. That means you Drunk Dad; c’mon, try to set a good example.

But in all seriousness, we at BRO encourage you to obey local laws, follow safety guidelines, and not blow yourself up on this Independence Day.

WARNING: Some not safe for work language toward the end…but that’s to be expected right? 

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