Go OutsideTrauma Tuesday: Surfing Shipsterns Edition

Trauma Tuesday: Surfing Shipsterns Edition

The Originals from Dave otto on Vimeo.

It’s summer! Let’s head down to the beach and do some surfing, Trauma Tuesday style.

Shipsterns Bluff is a point of land that juts out from Tasmania, Australia – it is also known as Devil’s Point, so you get the idea. This is footage from surfing photographer Dave Otto from what appears to be long ago according to the video information on Vimeo. Shipsterns is considered to be one of the gnarliest, most remote, and most dangerous surf spots on the planet, and as you can see from the video, these waves are about as heavy as they get. Just the spray exploding out of the tubes is enough to make the pros weak in the knees. The video starts slow, and even has a shot of a guy getting barreled while chugging what I have to assume is a PBR, but then the action heats up. These wipeouts vary in their causes but the results are the same, getting crushed into the reef. Keep in mind that the guys on the boards are not weekend warriors, but seasoned veterans of the surfing grind: guys like Kelly Slater, Mike Brennan, Richie Vas, and more. There are some wins sprinkled into the carnage, but mostly it’s a wipeout supercut.

Oh, yeah, there are also Great White Sharks. Like, a lot of them.

Bonus: Here’s a video of pro surfer and native Tasmanian, James McKean talking about his greatest wipeout of all time, which of course occurred at Shipsterns and is pretty epic.

Double Bonus: This video of divers almost getting inhaled by some Humpback Whales, Jonah-style.

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