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WATCH: Record Breaking Cliff Jump

Go ahead and put Laso Schaller’s name down in the record books. For much of the week, a Red Bull video has been making the rounds on the internet showing a point-of-view perspective of the Brazilian-born thrill seeker plummeting from a platform perched atop a 192-foot waterfall in Switzerland known as Cascata del Salto.


By the end of his free fall—from a  height roughly equivalent to the Leaning Tower of Pisa—Schaller’s body had reached a speeds of 123 km or 74 miles per hour. According to Red Bull, Schallar is an experienced canyoneering expert with multiple 100 plus foot cliff jumps under his belt.

“Once you get above 25m, everything starts to look and feel the same,” he says. “The only difference is the airtime.” Watch this epic cliff jump for yourself below!


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