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I had a conversation with a friend this week, who admitted that she only did one thing every week for herself. She met for 30 minutes, two times a week at lunch, with a personal trainer.

Everything else she did was work related, for her precious child, husband, family, volunteer organizations, etc.

Do the Math on this. If my friend is awake for 16 hours a day (and I know there is no way she gets 8 hours of sleep every night) she has 112 hours a week of busy time. She probably spent at least 40 of those hours at work, 5 of those hours on volunteer work, 10-15 hours preparing meals, grocery shopping and 1 hour on something that was just for her. Something that made her feel stronger, healthier, happier, a better version of herself.

1/112 is clearly less than 1% of her time. I am not chastizing her. I am not judging her. I think it happens to all of us on some level. We think it is our obligation to put our obligations first, and in doing so, ourselves last.


But what happens when the MOM or DAD, SISTER, EMPLOYEE who is always on the go, literally runs out of energy? He gets sick. He gets sad. She feels lonely and maxed out. Work doesn’t get done. Family suffers. He/she suffers. Life becomes difficult. Joy is gone. Blessings are not seen as such.

So there is a solution but it requires this crazy thing called SELF-CARE.

Last year as a 30th birthday present to myself, I signed up to do a Sprint triathalon. Not only was the training great to get  my tail on the road and in the pool, but it gave me an excuse to spend at least a few hours a week, alone, with myself. This Spring I took a 10k class and ran my first 10k. Same effect. Time for exercise, time for me. Stronger body stronger mind. Now I am training for a half marathon and while I am not so awesome at the running, the time carved out for training has become special quality time with myself. Time to think. Time to watch the leaves change colors. Time to feel muscles move and my heart and mind refreshed.

So, I ask the question again. WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR YOURSELF LATELY?


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