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It’s Car Camping Season

(Above) Big Agnes Bunk House

The time has come to make that campground reservation and head into the woods with the whole family in tow. Here’s all you will need to make the whole experience feel more like home.

Big Agnes Bunk House 6

Big Agnes Bunk House 6

A spacious car camping tent makes all the difference when you and the whole family are crammed into close quarters. At 83 square feet, this luxe shelter gives you the room to spread out and play Cards Against Humanity or just read a book late at night without causing a stir. The kicker is the big vestibule which can keep all your gear dry without having to sleep surrounded by it and serves as a sunshade on its own without the full tent. $550;

Nemo Tempo Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Available in both men’s and women’s versions these cozy bags are a godsend to those of us out there who are side sleepers. The spoon shape allows you to shift around in the bag to find that perfect position that you prefer in your bed back home. It’s plenty warm, too, with Stratofiber insulation that can withstand getting wet. Bonus features include a handy stash pocket inside for phone and glasses and a pillow pouch that stuffs with your puffy jacket. $100–$160;

Alps Mountaineering Flexcore Double Air Pad

The biggest problem with sleeping next to your sweetie? One of you ends up rolling into the crack between your sleeping pads. No longer. This plush camping mattress provides room for you both and keeps you well insulated from the cold, cold ground thanks to hexagon-shaped cells inside that hold warmth. Need some personal space? The pads will separate for single sleeping. $120;

Igloo ReCool 16 Quart 

The high-end cooler has become mandatory camp gear ringing in at just ten bucks, this biodegradable cooler is for those of us who don’t want to pony up for a pricy option but don’t want to put styrofoam out into the world. It may look flimsy but it’s fairly sturdy, retaining its shape and rigidity even after it gets wet and making it good for multiple uses. $10;

RovR, KeepR, and IceR

Organizing your cooler can be an exercise in futility, but the handy KeepR fits snug inside a RovR cooler so that you can haul your stuff to the picnic table without having to rummage around. The IceR is a stainless steel container that nests inside the KeepR and will hold ice or goodies that need to chill. $119;

Primus Tupike

Sleek and light at just 9 ounces, this dual burner has all the power of a far burlier stove, pumping out 7,000 BTU per hour, or the standard of a home gas range. Beyond that heat, stainless steel design and a removable drip tray make it easy to clean in the field. $250;

BioLite Firepit Carbon Neutral Edition
BioLite Firepit Carbon Neutral Edition, photo courtesy BioLite Energy

BioLite FirePit Carbon Neutral Neutral Edition

This smokeless fire pit is a dream come true when you want to light things up but don’t have a good place or the right conditions at your campsite. A solar-powered feature sucks smoke away and a grill makes it easy to roast brats. Plus, the entire product design was offset to help cut down on carbon emissions. $250,

ENO Lounger DL

ENO Lounger DL

Every great campsite requires a comfy chair. This lounger has the ability to adjust the height from 10 inches to 3 inches depending on where you want your butt. Plus, it’s easy to pack down and stash in any vehicle and the cup holder keeps your cold beverage handy. $125:

Hults Bruk Aneby Hatchet

Hults Bruk Aneby Hatchet

This beautiful Swedish hatchet is a godsend when you are seeking firewood or just want to split a stack you’ve brought along to camp. The perfectly balanced tool harkens from a Swedish facility that has been producing since the 17th century. $144;

Montane Icarus Hut Slipper

Montane Icarus Hut Slipper

Comfort is king when you are on your feet all day in the wild and these Primaloft-insulated kicks are just the ticket whether you are staying in a backcountry cabin or just don’t want to wear your shoes in a spacious car camping tent. $50;

MSR Ceramic Flex Skillet

This durable pan can withstand the abuse of metal utensils and high heat. An eco-friendly ceramic coating keeps it tough and safe—ideal for that morning eggs and bacon. $40;


This biodegradable grill makes it easy to have the perfect steak or tofu out under the stars without making a mess in a campsite. At just 2.2 pounds and 12.2-by-9.3-by-2 inches in size, it needs no lighter fluid to hold a 600-degree F temp for roughly an hour. When you’re done, just toss it in the campfire or drop it in the compost at home. $20;

Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser

Few things ruin an outdoor outing faster than poison ivy. Never fear, this cleanser can wash away the oils that cause an outbreak if you apply it after you have been exposed. It can be used with or without a water rinse after application. $16;

Traveler Camper CS-10 Guitar

Music is such a campfire essential, but it’s tough (and sometimes risky) to jam your good guitar into the back of your car. At a 22.15-inch scale length and tipping the scales at just under 3 pounds, this spruce-top beauty is easy to haul along. But don’t think that small size diminishes the sound—this baby rips. $200; 

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