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August 2008


When Gypsy Moths Attack

Invasive Species Ravages Appalachian Forests

Beach Blanket Blues

Beach closures due to pollution approach record levels

What’s Out There?

-------------------- <a href="https://www.blueridgeoutdoors.com/ContactForm/campfire_form.php">For a chance to win free gear from Sealine submit your own 'Campfire Tale' here.</a> -------------------- What’s Out There? <em> Linda Jilk, Blacksburg, Va.</em> The sound was close—too...

People vs. Pollution

North Carolina sues TVA over air pollution crossing state lines

The Replacements

On a very, very, sad note, my husband left me today . . .

Humanitarian Hiker Michael Farley

thedirt Humanitarian Hiker Michael Farle On August 5, Richmond, Va., hiker Michael Farley will embark on his fourth Proper Walk—a ten-day, 300-kilometer trek across the Rift...