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August 2008


Hydration Bladder Test, 2008

Hydration in the great outdoors for me now rarely involves a water bottle. For activities where I'll be on the move -- from hiking...

Air Pollution Affects Everything

New report shows how air pollution harms more than just your lungs

Do mountain bikers damage trails more than other groups?

ONLINE RESULTS: 68% NO | 32% YES The speed and weight of mountain bikes on the trail make them far more damaging than hikers’ bootsteps—especially on...

Bag Ban

Plastic on the Way Out in L.A.

Vulcan Project

The Vulcan Project is a detailed inventory of the nation’s CO2 emissions broken down by city and county and displayed on a thermal map...

Breathe Easier

1. BREATHE EASIER A state court recently stopped the construction of a new coal-fired power plant in south Georgia because of the developer’s failure to...