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Swim Suite

Waterproof gear and swim-ready attire for summertime creek exploration

Columbia 3-in-1 Kickout Short Think any board short or swim trunk will do on a hot summer day? Maybe, but remember, our mountain streams often hover in the 50-degree range, which makes the neoprene liner in Columbia’s Kickout a welcome addition. Think of it as a mini-wet suit for the family jewels, hidden beneath a stylish board short. The Kickout also has a zip-closed pocket for your keys and UV 50 protection. And if the river is warm, the neoprene liner can be removed. $70.

Teva Itunda A quick-dry and breathable upper and drainage ports in the sole make the Itunda one of the fastest drying water shoes on the market, which cuts down on abrasion during the hike back from the swimming hole. Our tester appreciated the fully-closed toe and “Spider Rubber” outsole, which kept him stable and protected while rock-hopping upriver. $100. Kaenon Kanvas Patented polarized lenses filter out UV rays and blue light and the buried nosepads and ultra-light materials make them comfy for all-day use. But let’s be honest, what really matters is how they look. And the Kanvas looks good. $169.

Granite Gear Uberlight Drysack The Uberlight is made from cubic tech flexible fiber film (CTF3), a relatively new material that’s half the weight of traditional nylon, but contains all the same waterproof properties. This is the same stuff America’s Cup sails are made from. The bags have traditional roll-top closures, but the material is transparent, so you can see what’s inside without opening the bag. $48 (18 liter). Canon Powershot D10 The Powershot D10 is waterproof up to 33 feet, and more importantly, can withstand a drop from four feet (slippery hands mean dropped cameras). It’s not the smallest digital camera on the market, but the 12-megapixel D10 can tag along on any water-related adventure you have in mind. Bonus: The D10 is also freeze-proof down to 14 degrees, so your summer swimming hole camera is also your winter ski slopes camera. $329.

SHADES OF GREEN Eco-Conscious Sunglasses

Revo Hitch Revo’s frames are made from recycled materials, and their motion-fit system positions the sunglasses on three points of contact like a tripod. As a result, the frames stay comfortable and balanced—even while running. $180.

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