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Stylin’ the Slopes

Remember those awesome day-glo orange and turquoise ski jackets from the 80s? It made it easier for ski patrol to find you in an avalanche, but wear one of those jackets off the slopes and you’d look as out of place as Boy George at a monster truck rally. Luckily, ski apparel today is designed to perform well on the slopes and still look good in the bar après ski. Here are a few stylish options that pull double duty as workhorses and eye catchers.

Sierra Designs Lunatic Jacket You’re not going to want to wear the Lunatic as a storm shell, but for those relatively dry, powder days, you can’t beat this water-resistant soft shell for breathability and mobility. The arm pocket makes a perfect iPod stash, and the two-tone design is slightly retro without being over the top. $159.

Outdoor Research Limelight Cap Dude, you’re too old to wear that fake Rasta dredlocks hat on the slopes. Go for the Limelight Cap instead. The simple wool cap masks a fleece-lined ear band for superior warmth. And the hat still has a little bit of hipster flair to it with its short brim, but it doesn’t scream, “Look at me” like those fake dreds you wore when you were a kid. $35.

Klymit Kinetic Red Rock Vest Okay, don’t freak out, but this vest has gas in it. Klymit fills their line of Kinetic vests with a layer of argon gas, which blocks the transfer of heat away from the body to create a vest that’s lighter and more insulating than most of its competitors. Even better, if you want to stow the vest in a pack for a cold day, simply release the gas and roll it up. The only thing to remember is you’ll have to refill the gas yourself with Klymit’s quick shot canisters. $199.

Salomon Response Pant These slightly insulated, loose fitting pants have fully taped seams, waterproof but breathable twill denim fabric with a slick herringbone pattern. But this isn’t the annoying, over the top herringbone of English lords. We’re talking subtle herringbone here. Understated. $179.

Core Concepts Cowboy POW
The Cowboy POW is so stylish, it’s a shame you’d need to cover it up with a shell during harsh conditions. The full zip layer incorporates Polartec Wind Pro’s Hardface to handle the elements, but it looks just as good with a par of jeans.

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