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Gear for the New Year

Yeah, you made those resolutions to get outdoors more in 2024. Now, how do you keep them? The commitment is up to you—but we have gear to make it easier to make them happen.


The Align[Mat] Cork

Resolution: Kick your asanas up a level.

Not only does this beautiful yoga mat give you artfully rendered guidelines to help you stay aligned while you practice, the cork surface is grippy and soft. That means you can practice without a mat towel (even if you sweat buckets) and get a better feel for the surface. It will make you want to go to yoga class.



2×2 Electric Bike

Resolution: Use less gas.

This electric motorcycle from the wilds of New Zealand gives you the ability to ride roads and trails without spewing out exhaust. And it’s designed to haul a bunch of gear (up to 330 pounds carry weight) with you thanks to well-balanced front and rear racks. Tipping the scales at about 150 pounds, the bike crushes in gnarly terrain up to 30 mph and claims a 75-mile range (though plan for a bit less). Explore on it straight out the door or head out from a basecamp in the woods.



Around Camp Kit

Resolution: Be the most prepared in camp.

Need help organizing? Including a cleaver, a slimmed down multi-tool with a corkscrew, and Gerber’s all-in-one fork/spoon/spatula system gives you everything you need for the personal camp kitchen ready to go. Plus, you save a bit of change buying it all in one package.



Breeze Aero 11’6”

Resolution: Get out on the water.

Keep saying you want to get out paddling more but don’t have the space to store or transport a big, stable SUP? No longer an acceptable excuse. This affordable inflatable package includes board, pump, paddle, repair kit, and travel bag. The big board itself weighs just 22 pounds and handles well on the lake or mellow downriver trips.



Mythic G

Resolution: Stay cozy.

Feeling too cold to brave winter up in the hills or at the crag? This goose-down filled beauty will ensure you stay cozy—without restricting your movement and making you feel big and unwieldy. Designed to maximize heat retention yet weighing under 10 ounces, this is the perfect jacket for everything from ice climbing to winter hiking to kicking it at a backyard fire pit.


Outdoor Research

Deviator Hoodie

Resolution: Keep active all year long.

Stretchy and bolstered with just enough warmth, this do-it-all piece is the ticket to continuing to run, hike, and play no matter the weather. The VerticalX Octa technology works differently than your usual insulation, breathing far better so you don’t need to worry about sweating it out yet still retaining heat when the temps drop.


Solo Stove

Pi Prime Pizza Oven

Resolution: Up your pizza game.

Nothing beats that cheesy Italian goodness straight out of the oven in your backyard or camp. The problem is many camp pizza ovens are tricky to manage. Not so with the propane-fueled Pi Prime, which makes it easy to rotate that pie as it cooks and provides the heat to achieve pizza perfection.



Explorer 2000 Plus

Resolution: Live life off the grid for a bit.

One looming problem that keeps you from spending more time outdoors: You have to work. Take the office with you (yes, that sounds bad but it’s better than staying at home) with this portable power station that can run anything you need out in the wild from power tools to laptops. Or forget work—this baby can charge your e-bike, providing 6000W/24KWh that can be recharged via solar panels, wall outlets, or carports. If you want to live off the grid for a bit, it’s there to keep everything running for up to two weeks.




Resolution: Bike more instead of driving.

Bike commuting isn’t just good for the planet—it’s fun! And the sleek step-thru Coco is a bike anyone can enjoy. With internal cables and puncture-resistant tires, this ride won’t require much maintenance or worry and it offers nine speeds of smooth shifting to take on climbs and cruise the bike path in style. $829;


Genesis Basecamp

Resolution: Cook better on the trail.

Bored by the simplicity of the standard camp stove? This clever two-burner will get you crafting more complex meals in the wild or just heating up coffee at the same time as you simmer breakfast. Providing 10,000 BTUs on those two burners, it comes complete with a fry pan and cook pot that nestle together with the stove and stash easily into your pack.



Elixir GTX

Resolution: Hike more.

Designed for thru-hikers but comfy enough for casual day hikes, this plush kick with a waterproof membrane will become your shoe of choice every time you hit the trail. The big-rockered sole gives plenty of support—and confidence—ticking off miles, scrambling up loose rock, and even tromping through snow. Best of all, the lacing system stays secure.



Tour Pro 2

Resolution: Tune it all out (and in).

Sometimes you just want to simply have some time to yourself with your music—be it on the trail or on a long ride in the back of the van on the way there. These noise-canceling headphones adjust on the fly to get rid of background noise or you can set them in an app-controlled ambient mode to stay the right level of alert in your surroundings.


Suunto Race

Resolution: Train for success.

Your ultimate training buddy is right here on your wrist in the form of this high-performance training tool that provides feedback calculated from your heart rate variability (HRV) and will run for up to 40 hours on a charge with all systems—including GPS—pumping. But our favorite thing about this wrist-op coach is the easy-to-read display and common sense interface.


Minus 33 

White Mountain Sportsman Shirt

Resolution: Look the part.

This wool shacket is the type of thing you can wear chopping wood, casting for brookies, walking the pup, or just out on a casual date with someone of the outdoor mindset. It layers up or works well with just a tee underneath.



Ribelle Run XT

Resolution: Put down some serious miles.

Here’s a shoe that can serve as both a trail runner and a hiker, giving you no excuses for getting out there no matter your mood. Weighing 12.8 ounces per shoe in a Euro size 42, but beefed up with a full-perimeter rand and extended toe wrap, this kick can handle remote scrambles and still feel comfy simply sashaying smooth singletrack. 

$179 ($199 with Gore membrane);



Resolution: Get the kids out.

A day out can be a lot for the little ones—but don’t stay home. This simple, easy-to-pitch pop-up tent for tots provides shelter from the sun and bugs, a playhouse, and a spot to nap that you can take anywhere. With space for three to four little ones it packs down to yoga-mat size and weighs just seven pounds. $129;

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