Most romantic adventure?

Will Harlan

Etching a marriage proposal in the sands of Cumberland Island, and then swimming in the ocean afterward.

Leah Woody

The Inn at Gristmill Square in Warm Springs, a long hike, and a soak in the Jefferson Pools.

Jay Curwen
The seventh night of our honeymoon was spent bushwhacking for hours, dragging our bikes through rhododendron in 35-degree rain. I figured if we could get through that in the first week, we were good to go.

Randy Johnson
Anywhere you are, it’s fun to wake up with your favorite person, grab the gourmet breakfast you’d mostly planned in advance, and hike to a great view before a great meal.

Jennifer Davis

A first kiss with my future hubby on top of Black Balsam.

Graham Averill

My wife and I are never happier than when we’re skiing together.

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