Hump Mountain, TN

Hump Mountain sits on the end of a series of bald beauties in the Roan Highlands along the North Carolina/Tennessee border. The best way to take in the Roan experience is a near 20-mile stretch on the A.T. that runs from Roan High Knob to Highway 19E. With much of it near or over 6,000 feet, the hike crosses six grassy peaks including Round Bald, Jane Bald, Grassy Ridge (reached with a short spur trail detour), Big Yellow Mountain, and Little Hump Mountain and finally Hump at 5,587 feet. The area is coveted for its rhododendron gardens and expansive views of the upcoming grassy summits. Summer hikers should be careful of fast-changing weather, especially lightening storms, on exposed Southern Appalachian balds.

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