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July 2006


Dirty South

Environmental issues affect our everyday lives, but they seem so over-arching and global that it's hard to know what to do about them. Here are five of the most important issues facing the Southeast—and five easy ways you can help.

Southern Scorecard

What is the state of the Southern states when it comes to protecting public health and the environment? We’ve compiled a handy report card grading each based on the environmental programs and legislation they have in place:

Food for Thought

Organic - Local - Natural Foods Markets

Green Giants

Dave Matthews-Ryan Williamson-Jason Rutledge-Janisse Ray-Joe Lovett

DMB Bassist, Stefan Lessard

On stage, Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard hangs back, providing the low end of the grassroots groove. But when he’s not on tour, he likes to get outside and play, snowboarding from coast to coast and mountain biking wherever he can.

Green Grooves

Jack Johnson-Mofro-Adrienne Young; how they're green