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June 2008


Bear Breath

by JAY HARDWIG It’s been twenty years since that fateful day on the spine of the Smoky Mountains, but the scene stays fresh in my...

Hummer Bummer

GM closes four SUV plants, announces electric car

The Storm

There’s no doubt about it: I thought we were going to die at the top of that mountain.

Most Endangered Mountains

Four of Appalachia’s Peaks in Peril

Exploring Natural Wonders

How can I tell if a snake is venemous? The most common venomous snakes in the U.S. are pit vipers, which include rattlesnakes, copperheads, and...

Homegrown Tomatoes

The Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project recently released a new comprehensive guide to local food sources. The average piece of produce travels 1,500 miles from...