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March 2017


Charlie Engle is Running Man

A recovering addict with a zeal for long-distance running, Charlie Engle has an uncanny ability to suffer, and survive, in the direst of circumstances.

12 Worst Case Scenarios: What to Do Right When Things Go Wrong

We’ve consulted a panel of four of the region’s wilderness medicine experts with 12 real-life scenarios so you can prepare for the worst and hope for the best on your next adventure.

Maryland’s Nuclear Moment

A Half-Century Ago, a Cold War Tragedy Unfolded in the Western Maryland Wilderness

Lyme: The Insidious Threat that Nobody is Talking About

Chronic Lyme nearly took my life (but you can still save yours)

Bird’s Eye View: How Drones are Helping in the Blue Ridge

Criticism abounds when it comes to drones in the outdoors, but can this piece of innovative technology serve some good in the environmental and social sectors?

Fire & Ice

Extreme cold conditioning can make you stronger, according to Scott Carney’s bestselling book What Doesn’t Kill Us.