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Toughest 5K Ever

A fire pit and mud bog are just a few of the challenges at the Warrior Dash, a nationwide race series that combines 5K trail runs with 11 insanely fun obstacles. It blends athleticism with bravado (and maybe a little stupidity).

“Imagine a 5K, but with more badassery,” says Lauren Shield, media coordinator for the Warrior Dash. The first Warrior Dash took place last year in Illinois and sold out immediately.

“People were selling their slots on eBay for $200,” Shield says.

They have expanded the race into a nationwide series, with two Warrior Dash events taking place in the region: one in North Georgia, and one in Maryland. In Georgia, runners will traverse a junkyard full of beater cars. In Maryland, a massive wall of hay will have to be scaled. Forget about winning the Dash; this race is about competing with style: free keg beer flows all day, you compete for Viking helmets, and costumes are encouraged. May 22, 23; Mountain City, Ga. October 9; Darlington, Md.

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