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Drinkers with a Running Problem and a Hashing Virgin

For those unfamiliar with the Hash Hound Harriers, they’re an international drinking club with a running problem. Modeled after the English childhood game of “hares and hounds,” present-day hashing was developed in Malaysia in the 1930s with the purpose of implementing the following four pillars: 1) promote physical fitness among members, 2) get rid of weekend hangovers, 3) acquire a good thirst and satisfy it with beer, and 4) persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel.

Bill Harris Protects His Beloved Backyard Virginia Creeper Trail

Aside from his hammock, a tarp, some fly-fishing gear, and a minimalist espresso maker, Bill doesn’t really own anything.

Faster Mustache and Atlanta’s Semi-Urban Beltline Trail

Recently, certain members of Faster Mustache have been riding exploratory loops of the proposed BeltLine Loop, a massive alternative transportation project that will turn former rail lines into a 33-mile paved multi-use trail around Atlanta.

50 More 2014 Blue Ridge Festivals

You've seen the Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine Festy Guide...now here's 50 more to put on your list.

Debate: Pay more to fund bikeways?

Readers face off on a critical debate: who's going to fund this nation's bikepaths.

KOLO Bike Park Asheville

As it develops, KOLO has the potential to offer a style of riding seldom found in the South, but the model also has its challenges. Its location is both a benefit and a detractor.