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October 2014


The Magic Kingdom of Wilderness

We hiked into the Citico Creek Wilderness ending up at Falls Branch Falls, a spectacular roaring 70-foot waterfall. Nurse logs, moss, mushrooms and wildflowers abound.

Flashpoint: Solar Could Power Half of Appalachia

Jeff Deal, senior project manager at the Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy, says we already have the technology to power up to half of Appalachia with solar alone—and we can do it affordably, if we get our policies and priorities straight.

Quick Hits: News from the October Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors

Timely news from around the Blue Ridge and beyond!

Hot off the Press: The October Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors

Colors begin spilling down the mountains this month and Blue Ridge Outdoors talks with four photography pros who share their favorite fall foliage spots and secrets with readers. Pick up the issue for free at newsstands and tune in here for all our Fall content!