September 2008

Should the Southeast coast be opened to offshore oil drilling?

As long as modern safety measures are maintained with close monitoring, oil drilling can safely be done just about anywhere. It’s cheaper and more efficient to get our oil from close to home instead of bringing half in from the other side of the planet. Our money also stays out of the Middle East. I don’t like big oil companies, but I would rather see our money going to them instead of OPEC. Our economy will get better benefits, keeping all the jobs here.
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Tour de France Cyclist Will Frischkorn

He’s the rookie who put a spark of post-Lance greatness back in American cycling in this year’s Tour de France. Going into stage three, 27-year-old Will Frischkorn, who grew up in Charleston, W.Va., and trained extensively as a high school student in Charlottesville, Va., was in 122nd place. But by the end of the day, Frischkorn was in third, the result of a gutsy performance that found him leading for more than 200 kilometers and just being edged out at the end by veteran French rider Samuel Dumoulin.