MUSICFront PorchBloodkin - Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again

Bloodkin – Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again

While their Southern rock peers Widespread Panic and Drive-by Truckers have gone on to achieve wider acclaim, Bloodkin has been the understated, and often overlooked, constant on the Athens, Georgia, rock and roll scene for the last twenty years. These purveyors of rustic rock, stewarded by the longtime friendship of Daniel Hutchins and Eric Carter, have released their finest record to date with Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again. Baby finds Bloodkin rocking at its boozy, gritty, blue collar best, with the band eschewing glamour and pretense for honest, painfully blunt, straight ahead rock and roll. Baby chronicles life’s miscues and hard knocks, joys and celebrations, and it’s high time more listeners started paying attention to one of Dixie’s finest rock and roll bands.           

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