Nathan Blake Lynn: Bleeding Kentucky Blue

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The Buzz:
Nathan Blake Lynn spent four years tearing up the road with jamgrass genre-benders Bawn in the Mash. Now traveling solo, Lynn’s songs are returning to a simpler fashion, built by just a man and his guitar. His latest writing reflects his recent residence on the banks of the Mississippi River, where the spirits of iconic St. Louis storytellers Mark Twain and John Hartford communed in his guitar amidst the dusty barns and rolling hills of his lingering Western Kentucky memories.

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Todd Snider, Tommy Womack, Malcolm Holcombe

This Just In:
Lynn’s second solo release, Who Said The World’s Fair?, highlights the wit and wisdom of this budding young songwriter. Produced by Grammy Award winner and Nashville studio ace Phil Harris, the record includes guest appearances by Tim O’Brien, Julie Lee, Mike Bub, and Tyler Grant, and gracefully blends Lynn’s old country, mountain blues, and bluegrass influences.

Nathan Blake Lynn 2_FIX copyOutside Looking in:
“Each song on Who Said The World’s Fair? rests in its own timeless state of suspended animation. Stuck in time, or out of time, or from some other time, I guess you could call it Americana, but to me it’s just distinctly American music. Nathan really found his voice on this project and crafted his most mature record to date.”
Phil Harris, Producer, on Nathan Blake Lynn

In His Own Words:
“My blood runs Kentucky blue. Or maybe it’s Ohio River brown. I don’t know. But I have never loved any place as much as I love Western Kentucky. My family has been there for over a hundred years. I grew up on the street where my grandmother was born. I’ve always believed you can do anything from your hometown—you can go anywhere, travel the world, but you always get to come back home.”
Nathan Blake Lynn, on home

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