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A Far Cry from Freedom

Anyone who thinks they like country music should give a listen to this young upstart group from Virginia. Unlike other independent artists that have bluntly defied the current bubble-gum status of the genre, Sons of Bill politely extends a middle finger to the establishment. Principle songwriter James Wilson belts out heartfelt anthems of personal redemption and longing for home, completely devoid of the plastic Nashville sheen. When he sings “Take Me Back to the Time,” you actually believe that he grew up in the brush with an old pick-up truck. While the intention has roots in mind, this is a group of guys who grew up in the 90s and other influences were bound to creep into the equation. The equalizer is the James’ brother Sam Wilson, who shreds his guitar with a deep range from the straight Texas-style crunch in “Far Cry” to a mellow, alternative intro in “Whispering.” Honest, original, and comfortably familiar—three things country hasn’t done well in a long time.
—Jedd Ferris

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