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The Wayword Sons: Poor Boy’s Delight

Benny “Burle” Galloway has been a constant on the Colorado bluegrass scene for years. He is a longtime friend and collaborator of the boys of Yonder Mountain String Band, who cut an album of Galloway’s tunes (2003’s “Old Hands”). The Wayword Sons, Galloway’s latest project, is fast making waves in jamgrass circles. Galloway has been joined by Robin Davis on mandolin and Anders Beck on dobro (both former bandmates of The Biscuit Burners’ Jon Stickley in Broke Mountain), and Gregg Andrulis on keys. The band’s debut release, “Poor Boy’s Delight,” showcases the strengths of The Wayword Sons: exceptional songwriting and tight instrumentation. Listeners will enjoy Galloway’s rough timbre on “Bound for Tennessee,” and the band blazes through “Roberta,” an amazing instrumental, as if their strings (and keys) were on fire. As The Wayword Sons are showing, it can be good to occasionally let your ear take a gander west from the Blue Ridge to the Rockies-they are growing some mighty fine bluegrass out there.

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