NewswireBush Disses Animals

Bush Disses Animals

It’s officially been two years since the Bush Administration has added a species to the federal Endangered Species List, by far the longest period gone without a new species being protected under the federal law. The previous record of 382 days was set during the Reagan Administration.

The Bush Administration has repeatedly delayed and denied protection for hundreds of animals over the last eight years, even though the Fish and Wildlife Service maintains a list of 280 candidates that warrant protection. Twenty four species have gone extinct while on the waiting list.

Bush has protected the fewest species of any president in the history of the Endangered Species Act, protecting only 59 plants and animals in eight years. His father, Bush Sr. protected 231 species in only four years. President Clinton protected 522 species during his tenure.

The polar bear is currently being considered for permanent protection, a designation that the Bush Administration has repeatedly tried to postpone.

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