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Coal River Update

Massey Energy was scheduled to begin blasting Coal River Mountain in West Virginia on Wednesday Sept 9th but blasting was postponed until the power company could secure all the necessary permits. In an attempt to stay the execution of Coal River Mountain, 2,500 citizens have written letters to West Virginia governor Joe Manchin, asking him to pull Massey’s permits for mountaintop removal.

Studies show the mountain would be an ideal site for a wind farm which would provide energy for 150,000 people and provide 50 permanent jobs for the community surrounding Coal River Mountain.

Governor Manchin has publicly vowed to pursue alternative energy projects, but the pleas of concerned citizens have fallen on deaf ears at the Governor’s office. Manchin refuses to stop the mountaintop removal project, and blasting is scheduled to begin as soon as Massey Energy can round up all the necessary permits.

Activists at Coal River Mountain Watch are hoping these few extra days will give them enough time to successfully make their plea to the governor.

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