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Daily Dirt: Outdoor News for May 28, 2013

Your outdoor news bulletin for May 28, the day Volkswagon was founded in 1937, eventually making the Vanagon and allowing hippies to roam free and self sufficiently across the land for decades to come:

Nike Dumps Livestrong

The dominoes continue to fall in the Lance Armstrong debacle that just won’t quit. In the latest, uber-shoe company Nike has decided to severe their ties with Livestong, the cancer awareness and support organization started by Armstrong. You may have seen their yellow wristbands around, or maybe used to see them around before Lance went on Oprah. Nike had already dropped their sponsorship of the cyclist in October, and Armstrong stepped down from the board of directors around the same time. Nike’s contract with Livestrong ends in 2014, so this wraps it all up in a pretty little bow. Nike has sold some $150 million in Livestrong gear…in 2012 alone, so this may hurt their bottom line, although they will still be selling the merchandise through the holiday season.

The Business of Beer…Law

Jason Sandford has an interesting story in the Citizen-Times profiling a group of lawyers that have dedicated their practice to the laws of the business of producing craft beer. Tough job, but someone has to do it. With all the laws and regulations surround the exploding industry of micro and craft brewing, it’s good to have a trio of  attorneys dedicated to knowing exactly those rules are and how to get around them, er, comply with them. And what better place to set up shop than in Beer City USA (at least in 2012), the hub of the craft beer movement, Asheville, N.C. which seems to have a new brewery pop up every couple of weeks. There is a very interesting discussion about the art and creative side of brewing heady beer, versus business side of well, having a business and making money. That’s where the lawyers come in, obviously.

Scouts Allow Gays, Sort Of…

We don’t usually delve into social issues, but this is a biggie, so it gets a mention. The Boy Scouts of America, and the recent lightning-rod issue of homosexuality in the ranks, took a step toward progression last week then they declared they would allow openly gay scouts into the ranks. The decision was made by secret ballot by 1,400 volunteer leaders from 270 councils and passed with 60 percent of the vote. The decision only applied to scouts, however, and scout leaders will still have to be as straight as a merit badge sash. This seems like a compromise of sorts and Conservative groups had a hissy fit. John Stemberger, head of the Florida Family Policy Council is quoted as saying, “Allowing openly gay scouts will mean the blunt injection of hypersexuality and gay activism into a youth organization.” Hypersexuality? As oppose to all the not-gay, teenage scouts who do such a great job keeping their hormones in check?

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