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On the Brink

The Southern Environmental Law Center has announced the Top Ten Endangered Places in 2009, a list that details beautiful rivers, forests, and beaches in the Southeast that are threatened by pollution, timber, mining, and development. Ranging from the Southern Appalachians to the South Atlantic, this year’s Top Ten Most Endangered list illustrates the ecological, scenic, and cultural riches at stake—and the important actions needed in 2009 to protect our own environmental heritage and the legacy we will leave for future generations.


The Top 10 Endangered Places

Weeks Bay, Alabama

Georgia’s Salt Marshes

Globe Forest, North Carolina

Pamlico River, North Carolina

Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina

Johns Island, South Carolina

Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee

Clinch and Powell River, Virginia

I-81 Corridor, Virginia

Virginia’s Marine Waters


To find out more about each of these places, visit the Southern Environmental Law Center. 

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