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Outdoor Updates: Gert Boyle, Chairwoman of Columbia Sportswear, dies at age 95

Gert Boyle, Chairwoman of Columbia Sportswear, dies at age 95

Columbia Sportswear has announced the death of Gert Boyle, the tough-as-nails leader who ran the company for more than 50 years. 

Boyle’s father founded Columbia Sportswear in 1938. After his death, Boyle’s husband, Neal Boyle, took the reins. When Neal Boyle unexpectedly died seven years later, Gert Boyle found herself in charge of the fledgling company, which was making just $800,000 in annual sales. Bankers advised her to cut her losses and sell but she kept the company and is credited with turning it around. Last year, the company boasted nearly $3 billion in sales. Over the years, Boyle became a company icon, featuring predominately in the company’s advertising and becoming known as “One Tough Mother.” In 2003, Boyle was inducted into the Sporting Goods Association Hall of Fame. 

A new hiking trail is unveiled at the Flight 93 National Memorial

There’s a new hiking trail at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA. The ‘Trail of Remembrance’ was unveiled on Saturday, November 2. The half-mile-long trail connects the memorial plaza located in the back of the Flight 93 memorial park to the location where the temporary Flight 93 memorial was first erected. 

“This site is symbolic because it is the first place that people can come to honor the passengers of Flight 93 and really understand what happened out here on September 11,” Katie Cordek, the park’s public information officer told WJAC news. 

There were 40 passengers and crew aboard Flight 93 when it went down in the fields of Pennsylvania. The heroic efforts of the people aboard prevented the hijackers of the flight from attacking the U.S. Capitol. 

If you find yourself in Florida, keep an eye out for manatees

Did you know that November is Manatee Awareness Month? When the cold weather descends this time of year the 7,000 manatees that call Florida home head out in search of warmer waters. Because manatees can’t tolerate water cooler than 68 degrees for any length of time, the manatees migrate to Florida’s warm-water springs. Disturbing manatees in their winter warm-water homes can cause them to flee to colder waters, putting their lives at risk.

Boaters are asked to obey manatee protection zones identified by waterway signs and to wear polarized sunglasses to more easily see manatees swimming in the water. For more information about Florida’s manatees visit 

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