Outdoor Updates: Hiker from Viral Spinning Gurney Video Sues

Hiker whose rescue gurney spun out of control sues for $2 million

A hiker who was airlifted to safety is suing the City of Phoenix for $2 million after the gurney carrying her spun out of control. Katalin Metro, 74, tripped while hiking back in June. The fall caused her to become disoriented and emergency services were called to her rescue. Metro was loaded into a gurney and lifted into a helicopter but as it rose through the air the gurney began to spin out of control. The video of the spinning gurney quickly went viral

According to court documents, Metro claims that she told first responders she did not want to be lifted into the helicopter. She says that she suffered physical, emotional and psychological injuries as a result of the traumatic ride.

Colorado woman is the first to climb all 846 peaks above 13,000 feet

A Denver woman has just bagged a major accomplishment. Teresa Gergen, 55, is the first person to climb all 846 peaks above 13,000 feet in every state except for Alaska. Gergen has also climbed all of Colorado’s 2,311 peaks over 10,000 feet and has reached the summit of mountains in Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico and Nepal.

Back in 2010, Gergen was involved in a serious climbing accident when a large boulder fell on her as she attempted to climb a 13,000-foot peak in Wyoming. The rock shattered her leg and caused her to develop blood clots and a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism. Though her leg never full recovered, she’s climbed 2,342 ranked U.S. peaks since then. 

Two hikers dead after fall at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Two hikers are dead and one injured after falling near Delicate Arch on Friday morning. According to a statement from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Moab, Utah, three people fell into the lower bowl area below the arch. The fall killed a 60-year-old woman and a 65-year-old man. A 30-year-old man was airlifted to the hospital. All three hikers were from California.

The cause of the fall is not yet known, though it had rained in the area. The accident temporarily closed the Delicate Arch Trail, but it later reopened. Park officials have warned hikers that winter conditions are leading to slippery trails and hiking with caution is advised.

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