Outdoor Updates: Protection for the A.T. from pipelines and cellphone towers

Protection for the A.T. from pipelines and cellphone towers

Plainfield Township officials have approved zoning to protect their 1½-mile section of the Appalachian Trail. It will prevent projects like natural gas pipelines, wind turbines, solar panels, and cellphone towers from being located near the scenic footpath.

The Morning Call reported that The Appalachian Trail Conservancy provided a $16,900 grant covering the cost of a consultant from the Bethlehem-based Urban Research and Development Corp. to draft an ordinance with the township. The ordinance includes guidelines for controlling light pollution, the withdraw of groundwater, digital signs, noise, commercial outdoor recreation, residential developments, solar panels, natural gas pipelines and wind turbines.

The Truth About Recycling: Why Recycling has stopped in many places in the U.S.

What happens to the waste we think we’re recycling? For decades, many countries, including us, send plastic waste to China and Southeast Asia for recycling. But just last year, China and many other Asian countries, banned the import due to the overwhelming amount they already had, according to the Business Insider. This has tragically lead to burning and landfills in many of our major cities.

The global recycling system wasn’t ever perfectly eco-friendly. Recycling operators had been known to illegally burn or bury recycling waste, causing a ripple effect of pollution including contaminated water, killed crops, respiratory illnesses, and long-lasting negative impacts on the environment overall.

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