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Savvy Hiker Survives

Lindsey Pfundstein, a 22-year old college student a UNC Asheville, got lost while hiking in Pisgah National Forest on February 2nd. She hiked the wrong trail and found herself stuck in the forest as darkness set in. Realizing Lindsey was missing, her roommate and parents initiated a full-scale search that included helicopters. But instead of wandering around the woods in the middle of the night in sub-freezing temperatures, Lindsey hunkered down, covered herselves with leaves for warmth, and was able to walk out of the forest at first light.

Lindsey, the daughter of a scout leader, did everything by the book. She left a note for her roommate detailing the hike she was planning, carried extra water and layers in a backpack, and didn’t panic when she realized she was lost. As a result, Lindsey was able to walk out of the forest on her own, meeting many of her own rescuers at the trailhead, and avoiding a tragic ending. 

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