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Trout stocked year-round for anglers in WV

Trout stocked year-round for anglers in WV

Since January, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources biologists have been stocking trout in lakes and streams around the state. “We start stocking trout in January in some select waters,” Jim Hendrick, DNR’s hatchery program manager, said in a press release, “Then as February and March come along, we stock more and more waters at a higher frequency.”

Hundreds of thousands of fish are spawned and raised in West Virginia’s hatcheries each year. As fishing becomes more popular in West Virginia, DNR is said it wants to make sure the fish are better distributed and spread out, so that anglers have a good fishing experience. 

Over 100,000 snow geese have flocked to Pennsylvania’s Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Pennsylvania’s snow geese migration is peaking, as more than 100,000 of the birds flock to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Visitors to the wildlife management area’s lake can view snow geese live (the best times are sunrise or sunset) or watch a live stream of the migration.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website, the most significant variable determining the arrival of snow geese is icing. “When the ice on the main impoundment thaws to create areas of open water, the birds begin to arrive,” the agency said on their website. “Snow cover on the surrounding agriculture fields also influences the arrival of waterfowl because it can limit access to the waste grains these birds depend on for food.”

Big wave surfer Alex Botelho hospitalized after surfing accident

Alex Botelho, a big wave surfer who was ranked seventh in the world last year, has been hospitalized after a terrifying surfing accident. The surfer was competing at the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge in Portugal when the jet ski he was riding back to shore got caught between two waves, throwing Botelho high into the air and knocking him unconscious. Botelho washed to shore face-down and rescuers pulled him to safety. He was rushed to the hospital where he is conscious and in stable condition. 

Nazare has a reputation of creating some of the biggest waves in the world. The world record for the largest wave ever surfed was set at Nazare, when Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa rode a nearly 80-foot wave in 2017.

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