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Two new greenway projects coming to Asheville, NC

Two new greenway projects coming to Asheville, NC

The Asheville City Council approved two new 2020 greenway projects at their most recent council meeting. In a release, the city says the first is a project called Elsie’s Bridge Greenway Connector, which will repurpose a former bridge to connect Depot Street to Ralph Street. It includes construction of a concrete trail path, connecting sidewalk, refurbishment of the bridge surface and installation of a handrail. Property near the bridge will also be turned into a community garden.

The second approved project is the Reed Creek Greenway Extension. The extension will run behind a mixed-use building in the West Chestnut Street Bridge area south to Elizabeth Street. Both projects should be completed this year.  

NC daily air quality forecasts will now include ozone forecasts

From March through October, the North Carolina Division of Air Quality will release daily air quality forecasts. For the first time ever, these forecasts will also include ozone forecasts for nearly all counties in North Carolina. 

In a release, the DEQ says that the new process will continue to monitor and forecast ozone and particulate matter via the air quality index, along with the corresponding AQI color codes to help North Carolinians plan their outdoor activities. 

American physical activity rates increase after years of stagnancy 

After years of stagnant activity rates, three million more Americans took part in some sport or fitness activity in 2019, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) announced in a release. Their report found that fitness, outdoor activities and team sports showed the most growth.

The report also found large disparities among those who are physically active. Households in income brackets of $49,999 and below reported being significantly more inactive than those with incomes of $50,000 or above. “As a nation, we have a special responsibility to ensure that access to sport and fitness is open to all, without regard to one’s income,” said SFIA President and CEO Tom Cove. 

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