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Reviewed: GU Energy Chews & Injinji Socks

Hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy the amazing April we are having so far on the East Coast. While winter was quite the cross to bear, the end of March brought warmer temperatures and sunshine. It feels pretty good to be hitting the roads and streets in just running shorts and a tank rather than 15 different layers of performance wicking fabric. I wanted to share two items that I have really been enjoying on the trail, which are Injinji socks and GU Chomps Energy Chews. They bring their A game whether you are running, hiking, or biking. Let’s dive into each product in more detail.

Injinji Socks

Well let’s get the obvious out of the way; these are not your cookie cutter performance sock. They have separate sleeves for each of your toes! Injinji is the model success story for a company that thought outside of the box. The sock hasn’t changed in years, and Injinji decided they could do it better. There toe socks help prevent blisters, wick moisture faster than normal socks, provide better feel, and promote better balance. My friend Nicklaus (ultra runner) swears by them, and I really enjoy the feel and fit they give you while running. I will say they get some getting used to, and some people do not like the feeling of having separate toe sleeves. I think it’s worth trying a pair, if only just to try a new sock design. If between sizes go for the larger, and give them a shot!


GU Energy Chews

As you avid outdoors people know having treats for the trail is serious business. You can go many routes like the classic PB&J or G.O.R.P., mix it up with the more complex like a burrito or brownies, or go the technical route with chews, bars, or gels. While all are tasty, the chews and more that company’s offer many times have far more calories, essential ingredients, and more that will get you through that big day in the woods. GU sent a few packs of their lemon flavored Energy Chomps over and I have been able to test them running and biking. The lemon flavor is new for GU, and they nailed it. Over multiple hours the chews were still tasty and they pack a punch of 180 calories and 60g of carbs per pack. A box of 16 will run you $35, and most shops sell one pack for about $3-$4. Tasty, affordable, and packed with the good stuff, what more do you want?

($3/per pack, $35/per box);

Be sure to try these two great products out, and hope to see you out on the trail!

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