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Show Time: Festival Gear

Festival season requires gear that will both look the part and survive those long days of dancing, swaying, walking, and playing. Here’s the stuff to up your game.


Hopper 20

The ability to carry the party—or even just a picnic—anywhere you go is essential for the festival scene, where you usually have no idea how far you might have to walk before you can spread out. Problem solved with this roomy backpack cooler that will hold up to 36 cold ones. $325;


Mens Straight Fit Jeans 

Seeking that one pair of pants that can withstand camping, dancing, hiking, and all the other rigors of a few full days of festival action? These performance denims not only include a bit of stretch to facilitate movement, they’re also environmentally responsible, made from regenerative organic cotton and produced in a Fair Trade factory.  $129;


Boom Box 3

It’s always key to keep the jams going. This waterproof portable speaker provides full sounds with plenty of bass (thanks to a 1x60W RMS-subwoofer), so you can extend the show no matter where you go. Plus, it holds about 24 hours of charge. (Just, you know, be respectful of other campers around you.) $450;


Charge 80 PD

Managing all of your electronics while you are at camp or at the show can be a hassle. Small enough to stick in a backpack, this little brick provides the power to charge your smartphone over and over, and it even has enough juice for your laptop. And thanks to USB-C PD and Quick Charge 3.0 protocols it charges up to three times faster than the usual USB power bank. $80;


Portola Coverall

This snazzy-but-utilitarian outfit is the perfect get up for a day of festivities. Made with cotton and just a touch of Spandex, it stays cool on hot summer afternoons and it has just enough stretch for dancing all evening. $125;


Whakatā Off-Road

A sandal with the guts of a hiker, this adroit shoe is a winner for those long festival days. Want to ditch the scene for a bit and go for a hike? No problem. The tough sole was made for the trail. Want to stick your feet in the creek to cool off? Adjustable heel straps keep this sandal from floating away. $110;

Minus 33

Merino Cool-Zie

Sure, you dress in cozy, temperature-regulating merino wool when you hit the outdoors. But what about, you know, your beer, man! $5;

Olrya Foods

Fruit Filled Biscuits

Always. Be. Snacking. That maxim will get you through those full festival days. These yummy USDA organic breakfast biscuits packed with GMO-free fruit (strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry) provide just the right morning pick me up. You can keep them in your pocket so you don’t miss any of the action. $5.50;

Royal Robbins

Desert Pucker

The perfect festival shirt needs to perform almost better than anything you’d wear on the trail. Made from wood-fiber based Tencel Modal material, this baby stays cool, dries fast, and goes easy on the environment (the shirt is even carbon-neutral certified). That checks all the right boxes for the fest crowd. $75;


Outdoor Multipack

Owies happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a multipack of these merino wool bandages in your bag on those long fest days. Not only do they get the job done, they also biodegrade over about four months should they fall off—plastic bandages stick around as garbage forever. $10;

Sock Guy


Socks show your true style. So shine on, you unicorn! And, yes, Sock Guy’s socks fit nicely and breathe exceptionally well. $15;


Travel Nest Hammock and Straps Combo

Tired out by those days of dancing and reveling? String this baby up back at camp and snooze away the morning before you get ready to do it all again. This package includes those hang-it anywhere straps and a light, breathable nine-foot hammock. $55;



Festival camp can be a long way from the show—and town. Here’s the pro trip: Pack along an e-bike to run errands and get around. The lovely eDutchi has all the class of a stylish cruiser alongside a 250Wh battery that claims up to 40 miles of range on a charge. A smooth seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, disc brakes, and a rear rack to haul your stuff seal the deal. $1,600;



We are big fans of SylvanSport’s campers and trailers, and the North Carolina-based band put that same smart engineering into this airy tent that makes the perfect space to sleep or just chill during festival weekends. It easily transforms from battened-down tent to mesh-protected open-wall tent to sun shade, depending on your mood and the weather. $432;


Catalina Cowboy

What’s a festival without that special hat? Colorado-based Wallaroo serves up a classic choice with this raffia beauty with Western flair that’s perfect for everything from Coachella to Telluride to Bonnaroo and everything in between. $59;


Jazz 30 

When it’s time to wind down  you will be happy to snuggle into this soft, spacious sleeping bag. Made with synthetic (which will still insulate when wet—as in you spilled something on it or left it out in the rain) insulation and including a built-in bedsheet, this bag honestly feels more like a bed. $300;

Cover photo: 4848 Festival at Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia. Photo by Itamar Gat, Eyes of the World Photography

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