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The Green River Race By the Numbers

The Green River Race By the Numbers
The 14th annual Green River Race was held last November, with a number of record-setting moments. The race is the most well-respected extreme kayaking race in the country. Here’s how the event shook out in 2009.
1: Number of gorilla suits spotted in the crowd.
2: Number of open canoes in the race, twice as many as normal. Usually, world champion OC1 boater Eli Helbert is the only open canoeist willing to race the Green.
21: Age of the female champion, Adriene Levknecht, who paddled the Green in 4:59, crushing the women’s record and becoming the first woman to race under five minutes.
1,200: Number of spectators lining the gorge of the Green, the largest crowd in the race’s history.

Spanking the Monkey: Kayakers tackle the vicious Gorilla rapid during the Green River Race.
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