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You Asked, I Answered.

Per my last blog post, I answered 12 of the most commonly asked questions I’ve received since I hit the road full time in May. I ended the post with an open forum for any questions my followers may have about the project, my job, road life, or J-Daddio herself.

Thanks to those who responded to the call!

Would love to know what kind of modifications you made to your GO? Storage in the inside? Are you using the table that came with it? Running electric to it? Got a plan for when the temp drops other than just bundle up? – Farley

– The SylvanSport Go has remained entirely unaltered with the exception of adding my Yakima kayak stacker, HighRoller, and Roadshower to the factory issued crossbars. I always have three weatherproof storage bins (like these) packed in the trailer during transport mode but usually just leave them locked outside when I set up the camper. The trunks side-by-side are as wide as the trailer is, which is nice if it’s really stormy out and I want to bring them inside. Normally, though, those trunks hold items that I don’t use on a day-to-day basis like warm clothes, camping stoves/gear, and my traveling library. Normally, I pack whatever clothing I need for the week into this front-loading 28L Deuter pack.

– As far as electricity goes, there is none. As I mentioned in Tuesday’s blog post, I have an external battery jumper that can not only jumpstart my Jeep‘s battery if I need it but can also charge a 400-watt power inverter that can then charge my lap top, camera batteries, etc. I have a couple sets of ENO twilights and a Black Diamond lantern that run off batteries for lighting the Go at night.

– As far as staying warm in the wintertime…we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. As of right now my plan is to whip out the 15-degree down sleeping bag, don my long underwear, and hope a little flask of whiskey will get me through the night.

1. Who set the tour stops, you or BRO?
2. How often do you get to stop at home?
3. Is the Go yours, or belong to BRO, or on loan?
4. Camera of choice? (I’m still searching for the camera I will take on my 2015 A.T. Thru Hike)
5. Single? 🙂 Need someone to cook and clean while you’re writing?
– Jason Schultz

– The project’s schedule is based off a few different things. Physical presences at events and festivals are determined by another member of the BRO team and arranged at the beginning of the year. Aside from that, I typically schedule my stops around the destinations I need to travel to in order to get footage (photo and/or video) to accompany an upcoming article.

– If by “home” you mean my parents’ home, I get to see my folks every month usually, pending on my travel schedule. It’s typically just a few days here or there but I always try to make my way north for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

– SylvanSport is one of our main sponsors and gave Blue Ridge Outdoors the Go specifically for the Live Outside and Play project.

– I personally work with a Canon Rebel T3i, though if I were to take one on a thru-hike, I might look into smaller, lighter mirrorless cameras like the Nikon AW1 or the Sony A7S.

– Single? Yes. Do I need someone to cook and clean while I write? Only if foot rubs, grapes, and palm leaves are in the picture too.

The only question I have would be when are you coming to Columbia SC? I know that it is hotter than your average oven here but we do have some pretty sweet mtb trails! Let this serve as the invite! We will show you around. On a unrelated note….. If I stop asking how I can get your job can I apply for chief navigator?? I am really good at calling “shot gun!” And I make a mean cup of coffee….. My resume is attached… – Mike Hahn

– Mike! Big fan of Columbia. I was around in the wintertime for the Ice Man Race. Would love to actually race next year. Hopefully the winter weather will send me south. I just got a Specialized hardtail from Adventure Damascus and would love to get out on some SC singletrack!

As for the chief navigator, I’d love one, but only if you accept beer and good times as payment.


Cheers everyone! Thanks again for the questions and feel free to continue asking. Promise I don’t bite (mostly).

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