Clips of the Week: Run, run away

This week’s Clips of the Week celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the Internet, which was intended by its founders to always remain free and open for the betterment of society. Just think, 25 years ago you couldn’t have watched videos like this on a hand-held machine, and you probably thought you never would.

From photographer Matt Trappe comes this teaser for the new documentary Running the Edge: The Colorado Trail.

From WildPlans, a look at how ultra-running strips us down to our bare emotions.

Brad Parsons Productions provides this simple but well-done documentary on the lifestyles and goals of runners – Behind the Madness

An artful look back at the legendary Pikes Peak Marathon, which climbs to a height of 14,115 feet outside Colorado Springs, Colo.

And lastly, a video from Montrail Footwear on trail running sensation Max King, training on Mont Blanc in Italy.

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