excludeGear Review: IceBug Winter Trail Running Shoes

Gear Review: IceBug Winter Trail Running Shoes

It’s cold. You want to go for a run or a hike but are thinking about how cold your feet will be due to the rain, snow or creek crossings, so you decide to stay inside. We’ve all been there. Now, you have a solution.

Leave it to the Swedes to develop a line of footwear to tackle this cold weather problem. Icebug, a Swedish athletic footwear and clothing company, has launched a line of trail shoes that are up for the even the most uncomfortable winter weather conditions. I’ve recently taken my Acceleritas3 out in some wet conditions to put them through the paces.

First things first, no wet or cold air will reach your feet once you slip on the Acceleritas3. These shoes are impervious to water. This factor is a big plus for me since my feet tend to stay on the cold side even when running. If your feet tend to sweat, then you may want to opt for a more breathable option, which Icebug offers. The traction and grip on the Icebug Acceleritas3 shoes are unparalleled and appear to be made to last for more than one season of winter running. The Acceleritas3 are equally capable of gripping on slick surfaces as they are on harder surfaces. Icebug offers patented grip technology. Depending on how slick your conditions are, Icebug offers a progressively more aggressive gripping technology. You will not find a better gripping outsole without resorting to traction control devices. In addition to being warm and reliable on grip, Icebug shoes are ridiculously lightweight at a mere 5.9 ounces for the Acceleritas3.

It is not often that a truly innovative product hits the trail running scene. Icebug shoes, however, are this season’s hot new thing. If you run in wet, cold, snowy or slick conditions, pick up a pair of Icebug shoes this winter. If you run is less extreme conditions, IceBug still has a shoe for you, just make sure you pick the shoe with the correct temperature range for your locale. Your feet will thank you.

MSRP $140.00

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